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Monday, 17 September 2012

Day #360

Five days left, just five days and it is all over, that moment of realisation keeps hitting me. Hello there! Today was the day I saw a resolution of a theft, talked awkwardly to a girl on a bus for half an hour, walked into a bus' wing mirror and wore shorts with a duffle coat, a day like any other. I was in London this weekend when my band was booked to play a Ceilidh in one of our local halls, I missed it obviously but I got the horrifying story today, we probably should have looked up what a  Ceilidh is before Teddy and Laura went. From what I could gather from photos and gossip, it was a dance, and not a good dance. 'For Folks' Sake' - Playing aweful gigs since 2012. During lunch time, I headed down to the shop with a couple of friends, on the way back we heard three people shouting at eachother, I jokingly said, "Local residential gang warfare", because I obviously talk like a newspaper headline. But as we got closer to the group, we then heard, "Oi, gimme my bike back, that's my bike, you stole it and the police are looking for you, now f*ck off!", we didn't look back, back to the safety of our middle class grammar school. When I got home, I was sorting out some work for tomorrow when my phone goes off, it's my nan, I answer, "Hello William-" (Because that's my actual name), "It's your number one fan here, can I get a blown up image of the skyline of London yesterday? Thanks, bye", oh crap, totally forgot that I said that was possible.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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