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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day #362

We don't want to get in line. It's Wednesday, I'm quite tired and I have been out taking the above photos, some crazy stuff happened today. Let me paint the scene as per usual. It was around 7 : 25 at my bus stop, I'm standing with earphones in, in my own little world of Coldplay and alike, suddenly the girl next to me turns and says, "hey Will, you haven't got the time have you?", I replied obviously (I'm not a social freak, I just blog all about it after), the wierd thing was that I had never seen this girl before, I don't know how she knew my name, maybe she just guessed it, maybe she is Derren Brown in disguise, or maybe I had my ID badge at chest view and she just happened to be staring at my pecks of steel. I love going out and taking photos at night, there is something calm and non rushed about it all, I wander where I want (within reason) and just take the pictures that I want to. The first photo can be seen in the daytime on 'Day #337'

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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