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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day #361

I have fallen in love with night photography. Okay, so my day was pretty stressful, how was your day? Ah that bad? I think you better sit down and enjoy my blog. So today I did my morning ritual of rolling into the sixth form common room, it being empty I make myself a cup of coffee (tea? I'm not a woman) and have a few spins on the spinny chair. This morning ritual would be absolutely fine if it wasn't for the fact that at about the 7th spin, at the point where things just start to go dizzy, I spotted 3 cameras, all pointing roughly to the area of the room that I was spinning in, what could I do? Well what I did was stop, bounce quickly on the chair as if to check the suspension, nod at the chair as if to say, "Yes, this chair is suitable for use" and walked out the door. If they ever check the CCTV surveillance from this morning then they will just think it's a very lanky chair fixing fairy, like in the fairy tale about the shoe maker. Today's two photos are taken at night, pitch black, long exposure. The first photo is next to Deal castle, taken at a funny angle in their car park, the second is just one of the churches, pretty pleased with them both. Here's a little spooky story to help you sleep. So after taking these two photos and being intimidated by a group of youths (yep, I said it), I headed home, my walk home takes me through a Royal marines' graveyard and as I walked through the screechy gate, I spotted a character standing in the middle of the path, just standing, staring, as I began to take in the figure, I heard a crunch from leaves behind me, I turn with my senses heightened but see nothing, I turn back to where I was walking and the figure had disappeared, safe to say I ran home after this.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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