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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day #363

Hey there, I'm Will and by the time you are reading this, I will have outgrown the suit in this photo. Today was pretty good actually, not too much happened but I know that it was all good stuff. Tonight was senior prize giving, this involved sitting in a hall, occasionally clapping and seeing what people look like in suits, this was all fine, if not very boring until one of the most embarrassing moments of my life happened. Picture this, over 200 people in a packed hall a boy goes up for his award and instead of being a sheep and waiting for everyone else to clap to warrent a clap from me, I decide to be a shark, I start clapping, loudly, this happens for about 4 seconds until people are looking at me, nobody is joining in, the announcer hadn't finished announcing, just as the embarrassment peaked, I pretended that I was stretching, yeah, that's right I went from clapping like an insane maniac with hand spasms to a guy who just generally cannot control his arms, Teddy turned to me almost straight away and imparted words of wisdom, "Don't be a shark, always follow the herd", maybe I am a sheep, maybe I am a sheep dressed up as a shark, in an outfit his mum knitted him. I am now very careful when I clap. Appologies that I haven't gone out with my camera tonight, prize giving finished pretty late but ho-hey.  Today's photo was taken by my dad who seemed to know quite alot about taking a photo, kudos dad, kudos. Last two days to go, I am trying my hardest to get some decent photos and I think I have some idea of what I'll do for Saturday. 

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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