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Monday, 28 May 2012

Day #248

Hello and welcome to the end of the Great British summer. Today I woke up at about 9 (definately not 1 o' clcok) and watched a few videos on youtube. The first one is inspirational, its about the struggle to keep going even though things seem desperate (a slinky going down a treadmill), the second is my favourite band of all time playing ontop of a building as their last gig (Beatles on the apple building) and the third is one of the funniest film clips I could find, ironically I havent even seen the film (a clip from the film 'Yes man'). Please watch those videos as they are well worth the viewing. The photos for today are pretty random as ever, the first is water on a completely dry field. The second photo is of a strange bug on a flower. The third photo is one of the coolest drink ever, lemonnade and ice-cream, best drink I can make, really refreshing.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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