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Monday, 21 May 2012

Day #241

It's a-me, Mario. Yes, we look trajic, and yes my friends wore mustaches through the middle of one of the toughest towns in Britain, but hey, its what study leave is for right? (Definately not). This morning I had my biology exam (saying it like that makes it sound dirty), and it didn't go too badly, afterwards my friends and I headed to the pound shop followed by Macdonalds. Unfortunately Solomon (middle) had decided to buy us all fake mustaches and they wore them all through town - everyone was looking, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. When we got to Macdonalds, I bowed to peer pressure and put mine on, the most ridiculous one out of the lot. I have some advice about Macdonalds' apple pies, when they say "leave it for ten minutes to cool down because it is piping hot", do not then respond by waiting half a minute before challenging your friend to a "who can eat their apple pie the fastest" competition.

Until tomorrow

(Your bandito) Will :)

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