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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day #242

What do you get if you put a lanky kid in an empty field? 20 minutes of trying to take a photo of himself. Today it was hotter outside than it was in my house, once this was realised, I headed out into the middle of nowhere. The two exams I had today went okay, I say okay... The english exam went pretty well I think, but then I just get angry with the business exam, they make up fake people and ask me to tell them how to run their business, for example "some underpaid staff feel unmotivated in Luigi's business, how can Luigi motivate them?" Urm stop spending his time rescuing Princess Peach and actually run the business maybe? Tomorrow I have a day off to revise for English and chemistry on Thursday, tonight I will be trying out some star trails (taking a long exposure and looking at the lines that the stars create).

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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