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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day #210

The gig, the guy and the big (tiny) break. Today it was gig night, my folk band ( featuring in 'Day #208', consisting of myself on guitar and vocals, Solomon on vocals and Teddy on bouzouki) played at Deal folk club which is a really nice enviroment for bands starting out. We played our first song in the first half which was 'Little lion man' by Mumford and sons, which didn't go terribly but could have gone better. It then came to the second half and we thought we were finished for the evening, then our names were called out again - luckily we had another song "Rattlin bog" which was a traditional folk song, it went really well and we had the whole room singing by the end. Afterwards as we were packing up to leave, a guy in a hat (the hat was critical information...) caught up with teddy and gave him his card, we have been invited to play a full 20 minute slot at a folk festival this August, I will post the details when I get more.

Until tomorrow

Will :)

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